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Name: Thomas Kai Johansen.
Nicknames: BlueBear.
Mulle (work)
Born: March 5th, 1968 in Svendborg.
Address: Slagelse, Denmark.
Job: Taxidriver.
Status: Living with Tina Weltz.
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Bagground / Childhood:

March 5th, 1968 my mom took the bus to the hospital in Svendborg, and some hours later the world saw my ugly face for the first time :)
I was born 3 weeks too early, so my mom had to promise that she would feed me every 3rd hours if she wanted to bring me with her home. Also at that time I had a great sleeping heart, so she had to wake me every time to feed me!
When I was I child I had all the child diseases (except one: whooping cough) within half a year!
My first years I lived in Svendborg. But in 1972 my mom and me moved to Kors°r.


In the middle of my time at high school I moved away from home (age 19). First I moved to a student hostel. After 3 months I moved to a club-room (sharing the two kitchens and the two bathrooms with 10 other persons). I lived there for about 3 years, and we had a great time! :)
Then I moved in with 3 friends in a shared house (10 Km north-east of Slagelse). Much of the time was party'ing, drinking and having fun! - it WAS fun, and sometimes I wish that is had lasted longer!!!
2 years later I moved to Slagelse ny myself, and have stayed in this City ever since :) - And properly will stay until the day I leave this planet!


I live in an house in Slagelse, approximately 2 Km from the center of the city.
I'm living with my girlfriend, Tina Weltz, and I'm working at the DanTaxi Vestsjaelland; a job that I like..... most of the times!
I spend my time doing things in the house.


Norskolen/skolen ved noret (school at the cove): 1st to 7th grade.
Byskolen (Cityschool): 8th to 10th grade.
Slagelse Gymnasium (Slagelse High School): Finished with mathematics/physics at high level.
DTU, Former DTH, (Danmarks Tekniske Universitet): One and a half semester. (N/F)
DIKU (Datalogisk Institut K°benhavns Universitet): One and a half semester. (N/F)
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